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WOODBOY KATABA 240 (X-Fine Teeth)

WOODBOY KATABA 240 (X-Fine Teeth)

SKU: SI-388-24

Folding joinery saw with 9-1/2-inch taper-ground blade specifically designed for interior carpenters and other woodworkers needing a high quality tool for the job site. Ultimate quality coupled with terrific features. Taper-ground chrome-plated blades allow fluid, tear-free straight cuts. To reduce sticking and tarnishing, the blades are hard chrome-plated and mirror-polished. This saw features a no-set Japanese tooth pattern with elegantly tapered ground blades. This means you get an amazingly thin kerf (0.025") with little, if any, binding or wandering off the layout line. It's perfect for intricate joinery. The blade can be locked in one of two positions. One for standard normal work, the other for tight spots or for kerfing dados. The blade folds into a sure-grip rubberized handle, making it easily portable while protecting the teeth. Comes in a blister pack. Made in Japan. WOODBOY is available in two types (DOZUKI and KATABA) and two teeth sizes/configurations (tpi - teeth per inch): 22 tpi - Fine Teeth and 27 tpi - Extra Fine Teeth.

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