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The EOD is a rough and tumble beater bar that was specifically designed for EOD techs. EOD stands for Explosive Ordnance Disposal. EOD Technicians have expertise in the most conventional and unconventional explosives to ensure the secure disposal of explosive weaponry. Our dedicated EOD tool has some upgrades that were added after consulting several Marine EOD Techs that provided us with feedback after using our tools on deployment. We thrive on being innovative as well as being receptive to our customers feedback and producing a product to fit their needs. The EOD is our most innovative, purpose built tool we offer.

Due to the EODs popularly and usefulness for emergency kits, bug out bags and prepping, we have also use the EOD acronym for End Of Days. This is the perfect addition to your emergency kit! 

Whether its a First Responder breaking glass and prying a door to rescue someone in a car accident, escaping a building that was hit by a natural disa