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Yorktown Tool Roll

Yorktown Tool Roll


Yorktown Tool Roll is the ultimate tool roll pouch, delivering more carry options and organization. Four generously sized pockets (480 in³ total) store a variety of tools, while the back is designed to organize and quickly find wrench and tool sets. Atlas 46’s Quick Roll System allows the pouch to easily roll up and condensed for better mobility.


Features and Benefits

- Condensed Quick Roll for Throw N Stow
- 4 large front pockets. (16" x 2 1/2" x 3" = 480 total cubic freedoms)
- 11 wrench slot organizer
- 7 multipurpose tool slots
- Patriot made 1000D Cordura
- YKK USA made zippers
- 2 carrying handles secured by precision tack.
- As long as America is the land of the free this product is guaranteed for life
- Made in the greatest country in the world


About the Name

The Siege of Yorktown was a combination of American and French forces, resulting in a victory that began peace negotiations; eventually leading to the independence of America. The culmination of two great forces into a final amazing product. This was our inspiration in creating the Yorktown; taking two of our loved products and championing them into the ultimate tool roll pouch.

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